Thursday, 7 January 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #98 Flower Power, Hibernation Dreams, & a Mystery Leak

My body thinks I live here!
Afternoon everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had an impromptu day of not doing much (reading for 6 hours and then anime) because it was below 5C which my body doesn't cope well with. I now appreciate how mild a winter we've been having here in the south of England - please come back! My body knows the temperature and makes me feel all without a germ in sight, even though I obviously wrap up warm. Oh well! Taking it easy helps, so I'm doing everything a bit slower at the moment. 

I thought youd like to see the pretty crochet flowers I'm working on for a project. I need about 13 more - as you can see from the pile I've made about 20 already. 
Well, you probably can't see there's twenty there. It's not a nice looking pile because I couldn't be bothered to layer each flower neatly for a photo shoot, which would have taken several minutes and slightly more patience than I have for asthetics (aka making things look pretty). 

I am not a cute hibernating doormouse
This morning I sorted out a few bits and took a whole load of card to be recyled. That was quite an effort and totally against my current and almost constant desire to hibernate until spring.

This water issue isn't rain
We currently have a mystery boiler leak - I discovered my treat jar, which is currently full, had water all over it. Family think it might just be due to the horrendous rain, but we'll get it checked out by our trusty boiler guy soon, and in the meantime pray it's nothing serious. 

Time for me to get back to flower making! I'm hoping that the wind which previously stopped me finishing Holby City on BBC iPlayer will now behave and let me finish the show so I can text a friend with my opinion on it. I was most annoyed when it refused to work before lunch! 
Wind is good for windmills, not so much my TV catch up!

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