Monday, 4 January 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #97 Shopping Overload, Freezer Organising, & Amusing Cat Moment

Not my bag, but I do use my own totes. I do like the brown bags they have in the US though!
Happy Monday! It's been a busy few days for me, which has meant less craft but I intend to do some tonight. I'm all shopped out. Yesterday was grocery shopping, managing to pick up a few bargains and a few presents. I only physically shop for groceries at a supermarket, rather than in town, as it's too tiring for me, so any bargains are a bonus. 

The other type of shopping happened too!
That's why I spent a good 4 hours this morning doing an annual clothes and bed linen shop. Its tiring in its own way! It was annoying when I went to pay for one website, only to discover since I'd spent too long on the other website without activity on the first, the few items in my basket had disappeared. Grrr! Thankfully I was able to find what I wanted fairly easily. 

Got these cute bunny socks! (If you want them M&S sells them)
I had to reign in my passion for socks a little bit, others I'd have ended up with way too many! They were so cute, so I ditched nearly all the single pair socks which were a similar price to the multipacks, as they aren't cost effective. 
I know they're upside down like the bunnies but aren't these hedgehog socks cute!!!! I wear odd socks, so can wear & admire them twice a week ^o^

There wasn't an ice issue anywhere, as the freezers involved are relatively new. I have 3 drawers in the two upright family freezers that are in the garage. I'd love more for all the treats I make, but for now simply make do with that I have.
This afternoon I put on on thick clothes because I sorted my 3 freezer drawers! I've wanted to sort them for a while now but simply haven't had time or energy to fit it in my schedule. After buying a few packs of bagels and speciality rolls, I needed to sort them out as I had no room for them. 

I took everything out, cleaned the drawers, then sorted the food into sections. I threw out anything I knew was over 1 year old, or looked suspicious. I finally put all my truffles, fudge and scrap bits of chocolate & truffles in one place with my favourite frozen mixed berries and plain blueberries (and the incredible new to me Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cookie Core icecream which is supremely peanutty & was bought yesterday!) 
I adore the core range!!!

One drawer has veg in, as I have a lot of veg which has been separated and frozen for ease of use into handy portions. I really must not buy veg for the next few weeks! For lack of more space I shoved in cheese (I discovered some blue cheese I'd unearthed) in the veg section too. 
I got some granery multi-seed bagels, as well as my favourite, plain white sesame bagels! They are one food which I can make but prefer shop bought (save me the energy of making them, which involves more effort than simple rolls do)
The 3rd drawer has meals already portioned out, most are already cooked too, as well as the bagels. I'm well stocked up if we have snow soon! Which I hope for, but we haven't had it for a few years so who knows. 

The mouse is similar to this one.

Last bit of info for the day is what happened when my family bought my cat a present today. It's a motorised mouse which can move when touched, as well as move on it's own for a bit too. My cat was curious as it went round the kitchen, got close, and then ran away! Tried to convince her it's not going to hurt her. Maybe she just needs time to get used to it - it does make a buzzing noise when its moving. Was hilarious and I nearly spat out my drink! 

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