Thursday, 2 August 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #291 Hot weather + craft = ?

The heatwave continues!

If you follow me on Twitter (link in the side bar -> ) you'll know I've been having a quiet week resting as I wasn't well last week. I've mostly been gaming on Dragon Quest Builders, not only because I'm obsessed with it but certain crafts don't mix well in hot weather. I've a load of cute cross stitch projects but for some reason I absolutely hate how metal needs feel when it's hot. It makes me feel like a lot of people feel when fingernails are scratched on a chalk board: 
This was a common sight when I was little.
In case not everyone knows what a chalk board is, since these days schools use whiteboards, when I was at school whiteboards didn't exist. Chalkboards were used, they were usually black or a weird green colour, and chalk was used to write on them, not whiteboard markers There's a hideous sound that can be made by dragging fingernails or other material on a chalk board which irritates everyone. 
None of this for me at the moment
So (or should it be sew?!!) no sewing for me. Equally no crochet because while I use crochet hooks with rubber grippy material on the base the top part is metal. 
I love Clover crochet hooks and Clover butter!
That leaves me with 1 knitting project which I will do in a few days, once I'm over the worst of my mega strong meds that I'm having later today. I'm scheduling a couple of posts up during that time. 

Is there any craft/other activity you can't do when the weather is rather hot? 
You can insert your favourite colour with this saying!

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