Sunday, 22 July 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #290 Watermelon Heaven

Today's main post topic is this beauty!

Over the last few days I've been enjoying some great books and loads of gaming (current addiction is Dragon Quest Builders which was made for me, it's that awesome collecting materials, building my own town, occasionally fighting monsters (some mega cute, others a tad scary (skeleton warriors..seen some zombies which I'm dreading. Looking forward to fending off dinosaurs!)). Building is the main aim of the game and I'm deliberately not completing quests fast so I can build everything just how I want it. 
I haven't yet seen Miss Multi-Console Youtube series of DQB but I plan to - just look at what you can achieve! I managed a 2 story tower but not got the pictures ready yet)
So much so after hours playing the game, I decided I didn't like it, wanted to demolish everything so simply started a new game because that was quicker. I'm now super happy with my town and will move on to the actual subject of today's post, watermelons! 

My beautiful mini watermelon (when it got here)
Over a month ago I ordered a smoothie box with a well known online organic box delivery company. In it was a recipe for melon smoothie...only there was no melon in the box. I rang up, they said I could have one in my next order (which wasn't for a few weeks). I was able to pick the type of melon so I chose watermelon, because it's my favourite. 

I was totally hyped for the mini watermelon, came down to slice it open only to discover it too was missing from the box. Cue a phone call with a promise it would definitely be in my next box. I was so disappointed that I asked my family to get me some watermelon, no matter the cost. Well they did. 
Comparison of mini watermelon with normal (large) watermelon - mine was as long as my arm! Picture source

It's so huge! They got it from a market in a town that's local but we don't generally shop there. Apparently the whole ones were ridiculously heavy. I love melon and can get through it quickly, so I had no problem munching down on this wonderful specimen of the thirst quenching fruit. It did last more than a day, but no more than 4. I love melon! 
I had a lot of watermelon!
I thankfully did get the mini watermelon on the 3rd delivery attempt, and it was yummy too, albeit tiny. I'm currently in melon paradise because Sainsbury's currently has them at £1 each (bargain), so I got a honeydew and a gala melon. 
Top is honeydew, right is gala melon, not entirely sure what the third is (maybe watermelon?) Picture source

Honestly there isn't a lot of difference between them taste wise (that I can tell), but they look very different as you can see. They are scrummy, and I've frozen quite a bit so they stay fresh long enough. Somehow I'd forgotten about some fruit I had, which needs eating pronto hence why I'm not keeping all the melon out. 

My idea of fruit heaven!
I'd love to hear your melon tales! And what your favourite fruit is. Grapes and berries are something else I'm very fond of, frozen berries are refreshing in this heatwave (which is still going & still awesome so long as I can sleep at night (so far so good). 
Thought you might be all melon'd out so here's some variety!

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