Saturday, 4 August 2018

Nayu's Product Review #7 Yeo Valley Special Edition Yogurts

A favourite way of many to enjoy their yogurt
Regular readers know that I love all things dairy, especially yogurt, as seen in a previous post. Last week I bought 2 of Yeo Valley, an organic food company's limited edition yogurts because they were on sale. I only really buy this yogurt on sale because it's not the cheapest, but it is one of the most delicious of yogurts. Their normal range includes regular flavours like blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry etc. I absolutely adore their banana and custard limited edition yogurt, which I buy whenever they sell it (not all the time, but more than once a year). 
The funny thing is I'm not overly fond of bananas...
Their limited edition yogurts seem to be more specialised flavours with not so regular ingredients. I saw Passion Fruit Curd, and picked up 2 because I felt I'd like it. 
Loving the pink packaging!

I did, even though I have no idea why they used curd in the title. I really liked it, and would happily buy it again. My family didn't think it was anything special. Then I tried the next one. 
I absolutely adore citrus fruit, I try to eat at least 1 piece a day. Sadly I'm not really supposed to have grapefruit much because of the medication that I'm on, so I stick with having it occasionally. I thought I'd love the St Clements because it has oranges and lemons in. I'm glad I only bought one tub because it tasted like marmelade. 

I can only have marmalade in small doses, I just don't like the flavour unless it's Roses' lime marmalade which I haven't had for years and absolutely adore. So I ate this yogurt less enthusiastically, only not throwing it away because I didn't hate it. 

Have you tried any of Yeo Valley's limited edition yogurts? I'd love to hear what you think of them! 
Frozen yogurt is as yummy as the non-frozen variety! Couldn't quite find a 'keep calm and yogurt on' slogan in my quick search for today's saying.

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