Thursday, 28 December 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #267 Glorious Maple Syrup!

Simply delicious!
Last week I picked up some authentic maple syrup, the proper stuff without flavouring or corn syrup used as the main ingredient, because I really fancied it. I blame the Canadian Youtube vlogger I follow, Taylor R and who loves using maple syrup in her cooking -not the hilarious weird sweets she and fellow Canadian Sharla from Sharla In Japan make together - they are extremely good if you want a laugh, Taylor used to be in Japan but is now in Hong Kong, and Sharla is in Japan until February when she moves to South Korea. While I started watching them for being Japan vloggers, I'll keep watching them no matter where they live. They finally made something edible this year! I haven't binged watched Taylors shows, but seeing maple syrup being used made me want to have some, as I love the taste.
Here be a maple tree! From an internet search, sadly they aren't native to England.
I know there are cheaper versions around, and even a few which suggest they are maple syrup but actually aren't. A simple internet search will explain why the labour intensive syrup is so expensive - it takes a lot of time and effort to produce a small quantity of the dark sweet nectar that's quintessentially Canadian (Never thought I'd use that big a word in a blog post-yay!), and is totally worth it as a treat. Apparently maple syrup is three times sweeter than sugar, so you only need a little bit - I can confirm that it is deliciously sweet and I wish I could use it more often. 
A maple tree being tapped for the syrup

I haven't made a pile of pancakes to drizzle/gush the syrup over, although I am hoping to make some waffles soon and drizzle it in the holes. 
I can almost taste them! Sorry if this makes you hungry...
I tried it in milk and it was a tasty drink but quite mild, to get a strong flavour I'd either need to use a small cup or a large quantity of the maple syrup, which I don't want to do just yet. I'd love to hear if you like maple syrup and how you use it! 
Use the real maple syrup which only has maple syrup as an ingredient!

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