Saturday, 30 December 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #268 Ebay incident

Internet shopping is fun, so long as it's done safely!
This is the last prescheduled (for now) post I've got, so hopefully I'll be over the initial side effects of my mega strongs meds which I had on Monday night. I wanted to share what happened on Ebay, just so you are aware of what can happen. I'm not against Ebay - I've used it since the incident, but this is more of a be careful post. It's a gaming themed post but because it deals with something that can happen with anything on Ebay it's here rather than on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner.

Not the bargain I expected
I've recently become rather interested in Pokemon, which is probably putting it mildly. Anyway, because of that I've been buying some guys - one from each generation. While a couple were a good price on Amazon, and Pokemon Yellow was on a digital copy, a few deals were on Ebay. The one in question was for a copy of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for £16. Total bargain because while not the newest Ultra versions, two games for that price is incredible. 
Yes Eeyore, I should have known better. I assumed it was on the way in the post to me, so a few days later I double checked to see when it should arrive. Unfortunately that's when the incident happened. Ebay emailed me to say they had stopped the sale, because a third party had hacked the seller's account that I was buying from, so the items probably didn't exist in the first place, and I wouldn't be getting them. My account mercifully wasn't hacked, although I feel really sorry for the seller because it sounds scary to have someone sell things in your name when they aren't yours. I don't blame the seller at all. It was just frustrating that such a good bargain didn't exist! I simply got Pokemon Sun in the end, because outside of that fictional offer it was ridiculous to pay for both games. 

The moral of the story is there are good bargains all over the internet including on Ebay, but do check the listing carefully. There are some areas in the world where pirate copies of games/dvds are common. I'm not listing them but I did avoid choosing a copy from them. Where possible I bought my games from individuals rather than a company (all safely on Ebay) because I felt they were more likely to be genuine. Please do  a search to update your knowledge on how to stay safe when shopping online - I purposefully haven't included any tips in this post, but there are many good sites explaining what to check for. 
Light, cute & fluffy end of post picture for you to counter the seriousness of this post.

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