Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #117 Peach Crumble, Mushroom & Leek Quiche, Bok Choy stir fry

Saw this when search for cute kitchens - I adore happy looking clouds! Picture source.
I'm not sure how but I've managed not to do any craft over the last few days. Been busy sorting a few bits out, visiting friends, and  baking, all of which take lot of energy from me. I'm nearly back to what ressembles a normal schedule for me, which is exciting.

I didn't need to use any of these! I didn't buy them from this seller, but they are my Hello Kitty plasters!
Sunday was a long day of baking. No matter how long a recipe says it will take, I have to almost triple the time (yes it took 4 hours to do everything, excluding clearing up). I narrowly avoided burnt fingers, had lumpy cornflower mix, was convinced I was going to have soggy pastry due to it looking like the quiche mixture went over the sides, and I know there was another mishap but I can't remember what it was. What can I say - I'm very accident prone! It was heaps of fun, if extremely tiring. 

The main dish was the mushroom and leek quiche, which ended up like this. 
 It's super yummy, can be found on the BBC Good Food website. I think I used the suggested quantities, which were too much for the quiche (I've remembered the other mishap! I thought my pastry was too thick, but it was ok in the end). Back to the leftover veg and cheese, I made up some quesadillas for the freezer with the extras. ^o^ Oh and I didn't use gruyere cheese, I used smoked cheese and one with herbs and garlic in. Very yum! 

I made this too!
 I also made some stirfry - somehow the bok choy became hidden, but I promise it's in there with sweetcorn, yellow pepper and a bit of onion (I think I put onion in it...) Again it's all in the freezer, ready to have some more veg added when I want to eat it. Yum yum! 

Fresh peaches would be nice, but this is all I had to work with.
Using 2 cans of peaches I also made a vegan gluten free peach crumble! 1 friend is vegan, another is gluten free. Neither could eat the honey cake I'd made for everyone else, so peach crumble was what I ended up making. The recipe was a mishmash from ones online which I didn't save the details for. I promise it's easy though!

You wouldn't know it was vegan or gluten free either. I mean that in the nicest way, because I've tried food from both categories in the past and just didn't like them. I'm hoping next time I'll have the time to make the vegan cupcakes I want to try out, may do my usual of making them in advance and freezing them. Vegan buttercream will be interesting! 
I wish my skills extended to gorgeous and delicate looking cupcakes like these! Picture source.

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