Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #113 Drinking Water Tips

We can't live without this wonderful source of life (Picture source)
This possibly seems an odd topic to discuss, as surely the answer to drinking water is to simply drink it, right? That's correct, but I've got a few tips on how to enjoy drinking water. 

What's your favourite fruit juice/squash? (Picture source)
We are all encouraged to drink more water. This can be in the form of fruit juice. I think fruit juice is an occasional drink, due to the sugar content. I'm not the sugar police, not by a long shot, but fruit juice and squash is one thing I drink moderately. Apart from lime cordial (I know I should just add limes to water but I adore the cordial sometimes), I try to stay clear of any squash. The ones I've seen are almost always from concentrate, although they may not have added sugar they do have naturally occuring sugar in them. 
Take advantage of different nutrients and drink a rainbow!
The drinks in the above picture look like smoothies, which is another option for drinking water not discussed in this post. Here are links to my carrot, orange, + tomato smoothie and my blueberry green smoothie. My preference for not from concentrate applies to fruit juice too: when I buy juice, I only buy not from concentrate as it means it's the whole fruit, not processed through I'm not sure what. Just my personal taste! Often for budget reasons juice/squash from concentrate is the only option, which is fine. 

A small selection of the incredible variety of both tea and coffee
Water can also be drunk in tea and coffee form. However, both of these have caffeine which is dehydrating, so it's best to drink other liquids as well as these beverages. There are decaffinated version, although I've heard that they aren't 100% caffeine free. Caffeine in tea/coffee disagrees with me so I stick with herbal teas, which are 100% caffeine free. 

Go herbal tea!!!
My favourites include peppermint, spearmint, nettle, camomile, milk thistle, and a cherry compote blend exclusive to Nothing But Tea who I'm currently buying my loose tea from. I don't benefit by point you in the direction of their site, I just adore their tea!
Great source for loose tea!
  Drink as much herbal tea as you like, be it the more herbal flavours or the fruity ones. They are mega low calories, and are often great cold too! 

Simple, pure, and sometimes a bit dull.
Then there's water, which is where I got the idea for this post. Water is obviously the best form of water there is. Depending where you live you may need/prefer filtered water (water filters are inexpensive) rather than drinking straight from the tap (which I do), as it helps takes out natural impurities that aren't harmful but can make the water taste weird. I know there are some countries where it's safer to drink bottled water, so do whatever's best for your circumstances. 

It's fun to add citrus fruits like a slice/wedge of lemon/lime/orange to some chilled water. The colder water is, the better I like it. I seem to drink more if it's cold than if it's room temperature. 

The final tip is what you drink the water from. Yes, you can use a plain glass, your favourite mug, or
but you can also use a fun bottle/cup like this one! 
My family got it for me as a present, I think it was from Sainsbury's. It's pink, has a bunny, and is super cute! I'm a visual person, so since I adore all things kawaii (cute in Japanese) drinking plain water from this makes it way more enjoyable - I want to keep seeing the bunny so I keep drinking! It's easy to clean, although I'm not sure on the dishwasher compatibility as we don't have one. The straw is durable, thick, and what you can't see is that it has a ring around it at the bottom so it can't come out of the bottle. Not that you need to tip the bottle, because if you do the water comes out - yes I've had this happen to me recently in one of my clumsy moments. 

In summary to help you drink more water you can: 
drink fruit juice/squash in moderation

drink tea/coffee in moderation

drink as much herbal tea as you like, with a wide variety of herbal and fruit based teas in loose or tea bag form.

add citrus and other fruit/vegetables into plain water for a refreshing drink

put the water in a favourite cup/mug/bottle. 

I'd love to hear how you drink your water, and if you're inspired by some of the ideas I've chatted about today in the comments! 
Drink me!

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