Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #116 Blanket Love & A Crochet Hurdle

My current project, folded several times so you can have a close up of it.
With a lot of rest at the start of the week prior to my annual visit to the pain clinic which went well, today I'm returning to crochet! Focusing on trying to get a blanket finished, although 1 row can take a long time because it's rather large now. Still, perfect for while I catch up with TV and audiobooks.

A cute crochet obstacle
Naturally I love my cat sitting with me while I crochet (all items washed prior to shipping to eliminate stray cat hair). However, as you can see from the photo taken as she lies across my legs on the heated blanket I use, I can't spread my crochet project out as much as I like. She doesn't like crochet on her, so I have to bunch it up to the side. As soon as she leaves I instantly put it in a more comfortable position ^o^ And yes if she returns I resume the squashed crochet position again. I'd love to hear how you accommodate your pet(s) in your life!
Time for an 'awww' photo! Not my bunny, but so cute!

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