Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #5 Best crochet hook ever!

Read on for why this set of Clover Amour crochet hooks is my dream buy!
I'm a firm believer in buying the highest quality craft tools that you can afford without needing to empty the entire contents of your bank account. This is particularly true to crochet. All thoughts in this post are entirely my own opinion, and are by no means set in stone or specific rules which others must follow. It's entirely personal which knitting needle/crochet hook you prefer, so try out a few before deciding which is your favourite.

Crochet hooks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Google them and you'll come up with zillions of results. Thankfully I didn't need a zillion to find what I liked. Thanks to my background in knitting, I knew I didn't want an all metal hook. 
I run in terror from a sight like this.
 I used bamboo knitting needles because for some reason I detest the feel of metal knitting needles. The same goes for metal crochet hooks. Oddly I can cope with metal sewing needles no matter the weather - where I have used metal knitting needles in the past, knitting in summer wasn't a comfortable experience. 

I already prefer thicker than the average biro because I find it easier to write with. My pen holding technique is far from so called proper ways because I tire fast and can't write lots. It makes sense that I need a slightly thicker grip on crochet hooks.

Now, I did try this Clover plastic hook, because it claims it is designed to be perfect for your hands, comfy,  to be easier on the hands, something which is important since my hands and arms are weak. It drove me nuts within minutes. The rubber bit is only for your thumb. It's not comfy, it doesn't provide a good grip, and I shortly reached for my laptop and looked for other hooks. 

Isn't she pretty? Nabbed photo online since I was too cosy to get up & take one of my own hook - ditto previous hook.
Tada! Here's the Clover Amour 4mm size beauty that I use for all my projects. I don't benefit by mentioning Clover in any way, shape or form.  It works as good as it looks. It's a decent size to grip with my fingers, the entire handle is a rubber material, but not too hard when using for a long time. Plus it's purple, one of the coolest colours around! 

I did buy an inexpensive set of hooks in different sizes when I went through a phase of thinking about using a size of hook which is recommended for different yarn types, so that I could try the size out, then think about buying more of the Clover range of hooks. I didn't think there would be that much difference in how easy it is to crochet, but there is. It wasn't as smooth as I was used to, and I soon picked my Magnificent Purple Hook back up. Because of the work I do, for now I don't (yes, go on, gasp with shock) change my needled to suit the type of yarn I'm using. This 4mm hook works fine on everything!!! 

Pretty! Photo source.
I do suspect in time I will eventually progress to changing hook sizes more often, and yes I would quite like to try a fancy coloured wooden hook, if it's thick enough. 

For now 1 size fits all of my needs. Although this particular hook costs on average £7 including postage, it is entirely worth it for a comfortable crochet session. I'll let you know if I find superior hook, but for now this will stay firmly in my crochet bag, ready for action 24/7.
You can see my hook poking out the top, and read why this bag is so special to me.

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