Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Coming Soon #1 A new range of blankets!

A colleague at work today had a brilliant idea for another range on Nayu's Crochet Dreams - pet blankets! She helps out with a cat charity, and has dogs of her own so know how useful blankets can be. My cat was a rescue cat, who was found by builders in a shed emaciated, with a broken leg and a broken pelvis. She spent months in recovery after surgery, and I know blankets were used to keep her comfy. Blankets not only provide extra warmth when it's colder, but they can be a great comfort to our four legged friends. 
Belle just happened to be near my competition blanket when I took photos of it - I couldn't have got a better pose if I'd tried! She's 7, and very funny. The blanket will be washed before sending on ^o^

I'm not revealing my full plan for the pet blankets, but I promise it is something very cool if I can figure out how to do it. I'd love to hear if there are any particular colours you would/wouldn't like for your furry friend. My cat has an attitude the size of an elephant, so much so last year she refused to sleep in her bed for over 6 months because we changed the blanket. Thankfully I know many cats and a few dogs who aren't as fussy, and with the cute idea I've got your animal will love the forthcoming blankets as much as I do! 

Now tonight was going to be spent reading, but what with having to get groceries for both me, my cat, and my birds, I'm going to settle with anime and...crochet! I may be able to finish the Desert Dewdrop Dreams blanket which you can see in the right menu -> Whoohoo!
Little beats a purr filled hug!

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