Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #268 Cat and human?

And zebra finches!!!
Those of you who follow me on Twitter, and read all my blog posts here know I love my tabby cat Belle ever so much. She hates winter a bit less than me, and likes curling up beside me or on my legs. She has the funniest and mildy annoying habit of sitting on people just when they are about to get up, or, in my case, sits down exactly where I need to sit. She usually gets up when gently poked (not literal poking), often stalks off in a half, but sometimes comes and sits back down on me. 
She can touch her toes easily!
Well on Sunday while I got ahead with my blog posts she sat on my bed while I was on an errand. 
"You want to sit here?"
I moved her, she came and sat on me. A blog post later I needed to take a photo of my current crochet project, which meant moving her off me. She wasn't happy, and surprisingly came back to me. 
"You work on this? You should pet me instead!"
Another blog post written I needed a snack, so had to get up and yes, she went exactly where I was sitting. I moved her, expected her to be extremely grumpy and not come back, but she did,
"Quit moving me every other minute!"
albeit with a large attitude problem, which later got moved to the end of my bed. 
"I hate being moved when I'm comfy!!!"
If you have a cat/dog/other animal, I'm sure you can relate to the hilarity of not cat and mouse but cat and human war of who sits where. I win almost every time - the few times I'm only going to sit a short while I let her stay wherever she is because it's easier. 
Belle definitely takes ideas from the famous Pusheen the cat!

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