Monday, 13 March 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #239 Crafting tomorrow!!!!

Feels like it's been a bit of a crazy weekend. Saturday there was no craft because I went grocery shopping so rested after. I ended up with less than 3 hours sleep Saturday night so Sunday was a gaming day as I was tired. Within the games I played I got some cute outfits including Disney's Stitch onesie on Disney Magic Castle #1. 

I've yet to have the items required to make the head. I slept great last night, but am hungover from being so tired yesterday so apart from a few blog posts I need to preschedule on Nayu's Reading Corner I'm having another quiet day gaming & watching stuff. Craft probably won't happen as I don't have the energy for it.

My sewing box - it now has sewing in it, rather than the crochet but this was the only picture I had on file. I love my koala ballerina which my family gave me when they visited Australia a few years ago. The sewing basket was from John Lewis and I got it from some friends as a joint present.
However, as the title of this post declares I'm doing craft tomorrow! I'm seeing the friend I craft with once a month, although due to various things on both of our sides we didn't meet in February. We're both really looking forward to catching up, and doing some craft. I'm not sure what I'll be taking, possibly some sewing of a new project because it's straight forward so I don't have to do much multi-tasking during talking. Hope to update you on Wednesday about that! 

Belle sleeping on my lap with her back to me
In other news I've a slightly grumpy cat because some unexpected home renovations cropped up at the weekend. My family are staying put, but I'm staying with a neighbour until Wednesday. I'm home all day, just go there at night, but my cat hates me not being there at night (she usually sleeps on me until I go to bed then relocates herself to me again). She sat with her back to my family on the sofa last night, on the blanket I use. Usually she faces the other way round! 

It's entertaining and she does forgive me for going away, it's just my family who have to deal with the fallout. Grumpy animals are hilarious!!!! I do feel sorry for her because she doesn't understand what's going on, but she bounces back fairly quickly so it doesn't negatively affect her in the long term. Have a great day!
Very true for me!

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