Friday, 14 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #57 Baby Booties Book Mania!

Similar to my lunch today
 Ah, another great day. I'm having a minor change in how I schedule my days, and I'm currently trialing doing most of my book review for Nayu's Reading Corner on a Friday, plus emails so I have more time during each day to do craft and writing related work. I did have lunch with a friend today, which was yummy. Ordinarily I try to avoid going out 2 days in a row, since I need time to recover as fatigue features heavily in my life as part of my medical condition, but since I wasn't driving today & it was close to home I went for it!The brie, cranberry and vegetarian stuffing panini was delicious! 

I'd totally planned to continue review when I got back, but - and I have to say this happens every single time I know I should stop and not blog for the rest of the day - key websites simply are too busy for me to use them. Guess the universe is saying I need a break! I promise I'll rest soon - got a few personal emails I must write, then it's finishing up sorting knitting needles which I started yesterday (the ones which I need a needle sizing tool to check the sizes), figuring out which baby bootie pattern to start & then starting them. 

I am pleased to say that the book above and below this sentence are the ones I've chosen to keep from my bootie book buying mission (it has the same initials as this post's title, BBBM!) 

The booties are mega cute, you're going to love them with the embellishments I'll be adding. They're so tiny! Most are knitted, I think a few are crochet, but that doesn't matter - I'll make them all the same! I've ordered a nice selection of buttons to make them extra pretty. Booties are coming very soon! (I promise I'm not doing a weird pact of putting an exclamation mark at the end of every other sentence, it's just happening that way.)

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