Monday, 24 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #62 Almost at the finish line!

If I gave my cat a chance she'd love to roll around with my yarn
I sit typing this with a bit of a grumpy cat on my lap. She has the hump from earlier today, since I spent most of it working on my secret project. I'll reveal this project at the weekend, but because it's quite big it meant it took up more space on my lap...and my cat doesn't like to share my lap with anything! Her expression and mannerisms provided much amusement this afternoon and on previous days this week. 
Oh so true!
 I tried to take a short cut when I'd noticed a small error in the secret project, but I soon learnt that short cuts in craft are A Bad Idea. It resulted in much longer undoing and redoing parts of the border. Lesson well and truly learned! 

It's true when they say I'm eager to get on with smaller projects, not just because my cat may be happier (although probably not as it doesn't take much to make her tail swish as it is right now), but because it's fun finishing projects and I've lots of cute patterns to try out for you to buy! 

My medium is a tablet or a laptop
Today was one of the first days I'd managed to get 2 hours of writing my children's novel in. Had a really good session and hope to have it ready to give to kind friends to read by the end of October. I can do it! 
Time for some anime before bed - night all!

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