Thursday, 26 February 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #6 A guide for when something goes wrong

Step 1) Hide yourself from the horror of failing...

Step 2) Take a break if you can. You'll get a fresh perspective when you come back to the task, and be calmer too.
Step 3) Try again with extra determination!

The quote I'm thinking of is 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.'  I've no clue of the quote's origin, but if you're really eager you can always Google it. 

I personally like my 3 step version which makes sense in the next paragraph. ^o^  This week I haven't done a lot of craft work because I've been ill and off work for some of it. I was in the minus category of energy levels, so it was anime, light shows & reading which saw me through it. 

I'm on the mend and this afternoon will be back to working on my 3rd attempt at figuring out how to get a paw print on my upcoming pet blanket range. I will do a more comprehensive post once I'm successful with it which will include the failed first attempts, but for now let's just say the first attempt wasn't at all right. The second attempt was nearly there, but was rather fiddly and would put me off making more than 1 of them, which defeats the point of the blankets. The current 3rd attempt so far makes sense to me, in theory should work, and has sparked off other ideas for other blankets like it. I'll let you all know when a prototype is ready to show you. 
There will be paw prints somewhere on the blanket! Picture source

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