Friday, 20 February 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #3 My crochet kit

This is where the crochet magic happens! The basket, not the table.
Today I thought I'd show you my crochet tools. I got this basket as a present from some friends nearly 2 years ago. The cute ballerina koala which has a bell that chimes whenever I move is it from when some of my family visited other family who live in Sydney, Australia. 

I will chat about my crochet hook another time, as that information is for a full post and I'm trying to keep this brief as although I went to work today after being off sick yesterday, I'm still feeling peaky & need rest. The problem with this weekend it's time to take my extra strong pain meds which make life rather interesting until Sunday. You can find out more on this post at my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner.

The yellow ribbon which you can see in the main picture is from this!
A keepsake from my childhood
This little bag is from my childhood. I had a matching outfit which may have been a dress. I must have kept this because of how cute it is. I can't remember when I started using it for craft, but I keep my scissors, hook & sewing in needles in there, and I put any ends which I cut off in there too. I do periodically chuck them in the bin, but usually only when it's too full to use ^o^

I plan on working on my idea for pet blankets tonight, while listening to audiobooks and maybe watching some anime. 
I hope that whatever you're doing tonight you enjoy it!

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