Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #256 All about my cat! (Finally!)

She can touch her toes!
As promised a few posts ago I'm finally talking about my cat! Those of you who keep up with me on Twitter know I love my cat a lot, who truly practices being a cute kitty, as seen from the photo above! 

Back when I was away in Norfolk my family told me Belle had been sick a bit. Now, Belle can be sick fairly frequently, that's not a new thing. Despite being with us over 6 years now she still gobbles her food up as if someone else is going to take it away - she was a rescue cat, found emaciated with a broken leg and pelvis in a shed by some builders, so had major surgery and some truama happen. We sort of helped the sickness issue by giving her meals in two parts separated by 30 minutes, which sort of helps. 

I think this is the symbol for animal medicine....
While staying with my friend I assumed it was the usual type of sickness. Only when I got home did my family reveal it wasn't. She was still sick when I returned, and it was with some hairballs. Hairballs have been an issue in the past, we now brush her about once a week & I make sure she has anti-hairball biscuits. I'll spare you the gross details but this sickness wasn't just hairballs. She wasn't a well kitty, and we took her to the vet after a few days of not really improving much. The vet couldn't find anything wrong either on Belle or from Belle - I handed over a 'present' of the evidence we gathered from Belle, if you catch my meaning. I'm sure the vet was used to it! The vet gave Belle an anti-sickness injection, and prescribed some anti-hairball medicine to give in her food. We were also advised to put a bit of water with her wet food (usually from sachets) as she was a little dehydrated (probably because of all the sickness). 

Now, because we just wanted her to eat something (Belle was off her food by this point) we tried a special cat soup, with a bit of the medicine and she wolfed it down! We tried the medicine in tuna, which isn't cheap these days, and she liked that too. A day or so later when we tried putting the medicine in her other food she wouldn't eat it! After a few unsuccessful attempts of disguising the medicine we opted to give her 1 drop of medicine in each portion of food, instead of 1 full pump. Obviously it's not the idea amount, but it's better than nothing and so far no furballs! Minimal sickness too, which is a relief. She may have expensive tastes for the soup & tuna, but we are buying those occasionally as a special treat. 
Pure cuteness!
Hopefully that is it for vet visits this year (minus the usual annual check up in a few weeks for Belle), but I promise there will be plenty more photos of her on Twitter

I've been mostly having a restful few days, with some crochet yesterday but hopefully will show you more in my next blog post! While the weather is warmer so my pain issues are down a smidge, other factors (rain, hayfever which makes me feel like I'm fighting a virus) are in play during Spring & Summer months.

I'd love to hear if you have issues with a cat who gobbles food/is sick a lot/uses anti-furball medicine. 
So true!

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