Sunday, 9 April 2017

Nayu's Crafts Time #241 Back from my travels

A sign of summer for some, or an all year round treat if you're like me. My ice cream looked a bit like this, sadly without a waffle cone & with an extra scoop on top!
Hi all! I'm back from my semi-unplanned trip to Devon. I had fun catching up with my friend, watching dvds, doing an insane amount of gaming, and very little craft, just a bit of crochet which I haven't taken a photo of yet. I was on holiday!

There are English versions of these incredible Disney life simulation games!

 I took advantage of the free time to play the Disney series Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life 1 & 2 (The English version has a different title, I think, than the Japanese one). I'll be chatting more about them on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner soon. The week away was filled with sunshine after a bit of torrential rain on the drive down. I took a trip to the chocolate shop which I'd visited last time, and in that area was able to have bubblegum ice cream along with blackcurrant and clotted cream ice cream. There was only just enough of the bubblegum for a scoop, but I had it! 

I'm still recovering from the trip, as I wasn't able to rest all day on Friday: I'd (probably stupidly) agreed earlier in the week to have my 24 hour heart monitor fitted Friday morning, Discovered the tiny monitor is worth £2500 - will be glad when it's returned! Thankfully as my family work in the same hospital building they are returning it for me (the clinic isn't open on a Saturday when it should be returned but there's a special drop off box to put it in) so I didn't have to go there yesterday, but I did have to get groceries. Spent the rest of the day gaming and watching dvds while I rested. Managing a bit of blogging and other online stuff today, but as I'm out all day tomorrow with a friend, so will rest the remainder of today plus on Tuesday. 

My family saw lot of her back while I was away!
Predictably my cat was extremely grumpy most of the time I was away, not understand why I was away so soon after the previous trip or for a bit longer. Hopefully it will make the week long Norfolk trip at the end of this month easier for her. I do come back to her, just not for a several days. Family are with her, so she's not on her own, but she does like me a lot and hates her routine mucked up.

I made these! Bottom one not yet finished...
Craft news: I hope to start posting some of my new items on my Etsy shop soon! They include some bookmarks that I've started making (all hand stitched, nothing done on the machine). 

Anyway, I need to head offline shortly so as not to overdo things. Will post again hopefully on Tuesday with an update of what craft I do tomorrow. Or should that be did tomorrow? 

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