Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #243 I'm here!

Super cute owls! Think they are little owls (a type of owl which is super tiny)
Sorry if I forgot to mention last time that I was having my mega strong meds this weekend (the one just gone) - felt rough for a day longer than expected, but today I'm slowly feeling better and doing more than gaming! Which has been fun. I've got through about 20 games (I wish I was joking), and found 3 (though mostly 2) that I'm sticking with which don't have evil glitches or require you to be a paying player just to get through the levels. That and some had terrible game play. 

So no craft yet, but I'm planning what I'm taking for my holiday in Norfolk (starts on Saturday!), and hope to do a bit later on while listening to an audiobook. 

For those of you in the UK and any other country that has just had a national holiday I hope you had a lovely break, that if you did work it was a bit enjoyable, and it's just 3.5 days until the weekend-woohoo! 

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