Thursday, 22 September 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #170 Blissful craft day!

This enviably colourful crochet filled sofa with a bag of rainbow yarn is from crocheter Lucy of Attic 24! I recommend her blog, it's a fun read all about life which just happens to include a lot of colourful crochet!

Today I had plans to catch up with blog work, but feeling tired so opting for a quiet day filled with crochet and gaming. On the gaming side of things I'm in an online tournament thingy for Love Live School Idol Festival (available on android & iPads, although sadly I have to put up with the evil that is Apple since it's the only device which plays it well in my household), trying to rank high enough to get one of the higher prizes. With the way I've leveled up over the past 2 days I think this is maybe possible, so I'm going for it with all I've got! Can only play songs if I have enough energy (in the game, not my body this time) which takes time to replenish, so it's not a continuous game playing. 

How far will it grow today?
While waiting for the energy to fill up I'm going to be working on this blanket while watching my favourite season of Once Upon A Time, season 4. It has Ana & Elsa, what isn't there to like about Frozen characters being in this wonderfully crazy fairytale show? There's a tiny chance I may finish the blanket too! Very tiny, as I like season 4 and watch more fully than the other seasons. I will update you on the progress tomorrow! 

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