Friday, 1 July 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #25 Mini patchwork quilts!

A set of fabric for a new project!
I'm back! Properly back, still easing into blogging but overall am almost fully better. I missed blogging, especially when I was on the mend but not up to doing anything strenuous. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@Nayuleska) you'll know that I've managed some simple cutting out of fabric this week. Here are the pictures in case you missed them!

Fabric for the current project, involving lots of cake!
I've got a couple of projects involving patchwork in my head which I'm slowly trying out. I'm at the stage of cutting fabric into squares - I'll be using a few 9 patch blocks: 
Which will look like these (which aren't mine), only I'm using plain fabric for the set of 5 squares, with patterned squares as the other 4.
They will look like that with my chosen fabric, using white as the plain colour square. Measuring out the squares and cutting them out is simple, but takes way longer than I'd expected. I don't mind because the process is so much fun! It involves less mental work than using the sewing machine so is a perfect activity for now. 
Looks good enough to eat!
The above picture shows the size of the fabric piece, which is almost a square. With much measuring I'm able to get out 4x 5 inch squares from each piece of fabric, which will be enough for the project I have in mind.  I'm not doing any today because once I've finished blog work I'm going to get groceries, and will need to rest afterwards as it's so tiring.
Have a good one!

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