Friday, 13 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #127 Condiment change!

Not quite the breakfast I had, but hot chocolate with cream & croissant is a yummy breakfast! Picture source.
Sorry this is a few days later than I'd hoped. Friday I was having a lovely relaxing afternoon, and thought I'd post this on Saturday. I had the same intention Saturday morning - I'd post after I had breakfast with a friend. I ended up going to a fabric sale! More on that hopefully tomorrow. The two activities sapped it out of me though (there was slightly anxiety at trying to find the place, going somewhere new etc which is equally energy sapping), that and an early start meant I spent the rest of the day wanting to go to bed. But here's my new favourite food! 
What's it going to be???

I go through phases of loving particular food, and my new current favourite is the humble cottage cheese. I prefer to flavour it myself - I'm not keen on buying cottage cheese already with onion in, or pineapple. I made a simple salad with spring/green onns, red pepper, celery, and cucumber. I topped t with cottage cheese...then mixed it all in and discovered the mayo-like consistency of the cottage cheese! 
Yummy! Picture source.
I can't remember if I've explained this before, but it's not that I dislike mayo, my body does. I used to have mayo with everything- tuna mayo, egg mayo, mayo with salad, and a personal favourite mayo with chips. Oh amd prawn mayo. Unfortunately I got sick a few days in a row-literally sick and badly so. Suspected food poisoning which was ruled out since my family had eaten the same as me. I got better then the same thing happened again. To cut a long story short t turned out I was reactin to the beloved mayo! I could eat the mayo ingredients without a problem separately, but altogether I was one unwell bunny. 
Simple. Delicious. Yet not for me! Picture source
I waited around a year and teied it again, but even eating about 1 teaspoon made me rather ill. So I've accepted I can't eat mayo, which is restrictive when eating out as I eat fish but not meat, and a lot of common sandwih fillings involve mayo. It means I don't eat coleslaw, another popular food item when out and about. Boo! You'd be amazed at what mayo gets in, a lot of dips and pates. Even if I was brave enough to try it now I wouldn't want to eat it since everytime I look at t I feel unwell. Some things you just don't forget!! 
What condiments do you like? Picture source.
However I do have mayo alternatives. While I can safely eat salad cream, these days I find it and other sauces unappetising, I thimk because there is a lot of stuff in them. I use soy sauce, salt and pepper, and vinegar for flavouring. If I want the creamy texture of tuna mayo/egg mayo I use cream cheese! Best substitute, alongside my new found love of cottage cheese. Some stores sell no mayo sandwiches and sushi (told you it was found in odd food!), which I'm very grateful too. I'm used to checking labels for a sign of mayo, though occasnally I forget and end up givig an inedible (for me) food item to my family. Do you like cottage cheese? What do you like mixing it with?  
This looks like mine did! Picture source

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