Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #125 Ode to heat, forgotten groceries, flavoured milk love!

I love cute parasols - they are used like umbrellas a lot in Japan when it's sunny to stay in the shade
I'm a bit sad by the fact the wonderful mini heatwave seems to have stopped here in my part of 
England. Please come back! Minus yesterday when I randomly felt flakey the heat has really helped my too cold self.
Ideally I'd use fresh limes, but this would be an expensive habit, so lime squash it is for me! Picture source
While my original plans of writing yesterday went out the wide open window, I managed to get a few groceries, albeit going back round one shop after I'd shopped there as I'd forgotten 2 essential items: 

1) lime cordial - This is refreshing as an occasional drink when I want more than water, plus I have it when I wake up as it takes away a bit of the taste water gets after a night's sleep.
2) crisps - absolutely necessary as they help ward off headaches as and when they occur. Doesn't always cure them, but salt does seem to ease it a bit.
My favourite flavour is cheese and onion, then salt and vinegar and sweet chilli, although so long as it's a crisp I often don't mind the flavour!
Felt a bit silly going back in the shop, but needs must. 

Total fangirl love! Starting book 3 today, book 4 isn't pictured but there is one.
Before and after shopping I was stuck in a series by James Patterson, the Young Adult Confessions series. Totally brilliant! Highly recommend for being full of plot twists. Reread book 1 as it had been too lon since I first read it that I wanted the characters fresh in my mind-I'm readin the series for review for the publisher so while book 2 does recap book 1 briefly, I knew it wouldn't be enough for me.

I do!
There was no craft yesterday as I wasn't up foe it, i did watch some anime-almost always able to watch it! However, I was able to 'make' chocolate milk! That counts as cookin in my view ^u^ My family had treated me to Hershey's syrup. 
It was a twin-pack - double yum!
I adore anything Hershey's, so heated up some milk in the microwave then squeezed the sauce in, not measuring it but checking the flavour by taste. Super yummy!! Highly recommend it, and if you don't like Hershy's maybe try with different sauces! Naturally real chocolate melted into milk creates the best chocolate milk, but sauces are handy when you are short on time/chocolate (fine for an occasional treat)  I'd love to know what your favourite type of milk drink is and how you make it! 

I possibly like banana milk the best...only I like banana flavoured milk, not milk made with actual bananas as they don't taste quite right (bad me for liking artificial milk over fresh bananas! The flavour is too variable when real bananas are involved. I've had both banana milk from the store, and made banana milk using banana essence (must get some more..))
This cute banana picture is for a Korean banana milk!

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