Thursday, 17 March 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #108 Storing Inspiration!

Today is a fairly packed day in preparation for my weekend away, including scheduling blog posts for you to enjoy. Regular readers will know that I like putting inspirational quotes/sayings in my posts. These are mostly stored on my Pinterest Interesting Quotes board, and some are in files on my computer. 

That doesn't cover my entire quote collection. There's another storage space (well, technically 2 but 1 is a temporary area). 
I put quotes I come across offline in this cute Hello Kitty book. I don't carry it around with me, instead if I find a quote I like in a book I'm read (which happens a lot), or in an anime show I'm watching (ditto the last comment) then I note them down in the draft folder of my phone, and write them up later. 

I do have a teeny tiny Gorjuss notebook for inspirational quotes too. These  are ones I'm certain I want to see regularly so I do carry it around with me. 
I recommend noting down quotes some way or another, because they really boost me when I'm not having a brilliant day, and give me extra zing when things are going well. Do you write down memorable quotes? What's your favourite? 
I'm a little early, but since I won't be online, I'm wishing you one now!

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