Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #69 Find me on Social Media! + Updates

I made these sun-dried tomato & chilli rolls!
I'd fully intended to write a post yesterday but I ended up being busy with household tasks, errands, necessary resting. There's little I can do about the necessary things in life. I don't have telepathy, telekinesis, any kind of tele-skill - not in real life. In my head I can do so many things...

*Ahem* To get vaguely back on track, I also baked these delicious sun-dried tomato and chilli rolls which I'm having again  tonight They are a smidge overcooked but that's only the surface. I'd fail at the Great British Bake Off not just because of the darker colour, or the fact they are all different sizes, but because I used a packet mix! They are perfect for getting flavours I like without too much work (which expends more energy than I have most days). I simply pop it in the bread machine to be mixed and prove, turn it out, shape & bake!
Craft wise I've been on a secret project, (I've come to the realisation that I will almost always have a secret project going on), and after the success of completing a trial version of this cute cross over knitted baby bootie  I started another. 
I need to sew the straps down, that will be done on the for sale version
I got a bit too engrossed in the TV show I was catching up with (can't remember what it was as I watched several) that I managed to skip an entire row out so had to restart. Hopefully I'll make more progress tomorrow without the need for restarts. 

So many social media sites - for now I'm only on 3 ^o^
Enough side-tracking! The real main point of today's post is that I'd like to point out you to where you can find me on social media.
Send me a tweet!
Twitter: @Nayuleska

Connect with me on Facebook in 2 ways!
Facebook: Nayu's Crochet Dreams very own page as well as my ordinary account, Nayu Pitcairn:  which includes book reviews from my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner

Check out my varied boards!
Pinterest: Come see what craft, anime, book reviews and more on my boards: Nayuleska from my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner over at Pinterest! 

I'm still working on getting cute/funky little icons for social media sites, as there are so many to choose from that it's not as simple as I'd expected.

Now it's time for me to go write a bit on my novel, then spend an evening reading! And watching The Great British Bake-Off which I'm thoroughly enjoying getting inspired by. Planning to make a yummy frangipane tart next week! 
A delicious looking Cherry Frangipane Tart: picture source

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