Friday, 28 August 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #64 Taking a rain check

It's not raining, but I'm making use of the interpretation that something needs doing later

I'd fully planned a full day of blog work - mostly book reviews but also here too (including explaining how you can buy me yarn/cake). 

However, I woke at 3am, read til 6am, wrote til 8am, then did essential and non-essential blog work. It's nearly 1pm, I'm tired, and forming coherent sentences isn't high on my body's list of what I need to do to function until bed (10pm). 

I am working more on my lovely baby blanket, and will post a pic on Twitter & Facebook. Until I'm more awake, have a great bank holiday weekend if you're in the UK (& if you aren't self-employed which made me forget all about it).

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