Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #25 Shiny yarn!

The yarn isn't literally shiny, but, like with any yarn lover, all yarn is shiny! These two came all the way from the USA. I thought I'd give them a try for dishcloths, since they say they are kitchen yarn. With alternate rows of white and mustard yellow I think the dishcloths will be rather smart. 

Once again I'd planned to write about some of the crochet books I've received this week (still waiting for 2) but it's late afternoon, and after only just avoiding a migraine yesterday I'm feeling drained. I've done a fair amount of crochet, can you show you these lovely squares which are for the final blanket in my Spring collection (coming soon!). 

I hope to do a little more of my competition piece tonight, which is also growing nicely, but first I'll be reading. Often after a migraine/almost migraine for a while I crave things which don't move and aren't brightly coloured. I've watched both human drama and anime today, which may be why I want to steer clear of it now - I've had my fill! Time to dive into the world of spy dogs, Amish country, dystopian royalty, friendship and ever so much more, as well as shiny yarn, both in the books I read and in the crochet I do! ^o^

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