Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Nayu's Product Review #6 Cadbury's Oreo Hot Chocolate.

These in hot chocolate form? Count me in to try it!
I love hot chocolate in many flavours - even when it's a hot day I may drink it, or just have it cold (I use a tiny bit of boiled water from the kettle to mix up the powder, then add cold milk to make it a refreshing milkshake (the kind without ice cream). I've tried several of what I call big brand hot chocolate flavours with a range of success, so was a little dubious about this one. In general I actually am not keen on Cadbury's hot chocolate, I prefer Options brand, Whittards (special treat!), or simply make up my own with either actual chocolate or plain cocoa (so many ways to customise it this way). A lot of coffee shops use Cadbury's original hot chocolate so I tend to avoid having it outside of my house. (This is a personal opinion, I know many people like it. This isn't a sponsored post!)
Tada! Weirdly this was the only picture I could find without taking one myself - I don't have 3 jars!
As a lover of oreos of course I had to try Cadbury's new drink. It does say oreo flavour on the packaging, so it probably doesn't have actual oreos in (hmm, I wonder if blitzing the actual cookies with milk would work? I may have to try that soon in the name of science!) On the first taste I immediately sensed that familiar Cadbury's hot chocolate taste, so I was a bit disappointed. However, a few sips later it really did taste quite a bit like an oreo, if you were to mix both the cookie part and the scrummy middle together in one flavour mix. I like it enough that I would buy it again if it's on offer, but for in the mean time I'll enjoy every last bit of the mixture, and then use other hot chocolate versions. I have another I tried but I'll save that for another post. 
I'd love to know what type of hot chocolate you like! (This isn't my photo, sadly).

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