Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #286 Just Chilling

This is nice and peaceful!
Hi all! As I said in the latest filler post, I've been not blogging a little due to being under the weather, but also busy with life stuff. Had some younger members of the family visit for a couple of days which was fun. I got to play with lego! Well, I was told specifically not to play with the lego so it wouldn't get mucked up, and while I didn't touch that lego I did retrieve every single lego person (I missed one...) and sat them all in a happy circle! It didn't matter that limbs/hair was missing from some, or that some were animals (and possibly not lego), they were together and said younger family members liked my surprise upon their return. Sadly I didn't take a photo of the lego peace circle, but you can see the fine house and tree house which got made that day. 
I'd like to eat here!
I've just bought a lego pizzeria which I will put together for the younger family members - someone has to make sure all the pieces are there! I'll take a photo once that is constructed. 

I've had family over, a friend over, and been mostly resting in between. I've seen some pretty wildlife, including a hummingbird...
This is a red herring! (No I haven't lost the plot), including a dragonfly. For some reason I thought of hummingbird instead of dragonfly Let's try again!
Sorry if you don't like insects, this one from my Google search is beautiful!
While I was in the kitchen the other day I saw my first ever dragonfly! We are close to a river (unfortunately because I'm not keen on bodies of water larger than a bath) and it must have come in. I'd never seen one, I knew it wasn't a usual insect because of it's sound, and glimpses I caught looked like a hummingbird dragonfly! They are pretty little creatures with a nice sound. 

Along with resting I've gamed a lot (post coming soon from on Nayu's Reading Corner), and sewed a lot too which you can see in the next post. I'm having my mega strong meds tonight so will be out of commission for the best part of a week BUT I'm pre-scheduling you some posts so rest assured these blog pages will be updated every few days! 

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