Sunday, 4 June 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #257 My thoughts on recent events in England

Pretty soap stack! Getting on my soap box in a few paragraphs
This post's title explains what this post is about. Sorry for being away a week, it's been a crazy one. Last weekend had a water issue, which for a few hours meant baby wipes & hand sanitiser to use hands. We progressed to having cold water, with hot water being restored on Wednesday evening. Between then it was called grabbing a shower at a wonderful neighbour's house on Monday. 

I wish mine looked this good! They were cream with cute purple and orange stars on.
 On Tuesday when I knew I'd not only be doing the same but getting laundry done just in case the issue couldn't be fixed on the booked slot for Weds eve I baked some cupcakes for my friend (photo in another post as haven't got that device with me right now and going to get it is too much effort for this time of day). Usualy baking is the only activity in a day when I do it, and I definitely don't usually have a full day out the following day, so been resting up after that. Add into the mix a slightly poorly cat (all better now, more in another post), then it being my birthday weekend (in which I eat fresh cold custard & ice cream for breakfast because it's a tradition and spend most of the day gaming), things have been a tad chaotic here. 
Love these-they brighten up my finger! Have run out of Little Miss Hug plasters & currently not quite sure where my Hello Kitty plasters are
This post is also shorter than planned because yesterday I accidentally cut my left little finger, right on the finger pad with a super sharp knife. Finger all attached, so no worries there! Only it's rather sore and not used to typing (with cute cupcake plaster on it) so I am ending this shortly. 

The daisy. A simple white and yellow flower, used for making necklaces and crowns, and just to be admired. The start of my standing on a soap box.
Before I go, I ask that you spare a thought (several thoughts) for anyone affected by tragic circumstances. What with a horrific terrorist attack in Manchester last week, and waking up this morning to hear of London's 2nd terrorist attack of the year, please send good wishes/pray/do what you can and or wish to for people affected by conflict, be it directly or indirectly, since friends and colleagues of the people involved are affected just as much as the initial victims. 

We live in a scary world, full of many nice people who help others, and a few who want us to life in fear and let that fear prevent us from living a good life. Sadly those instances are heard about more than good deeds when it comes to news. It sucks that these days mostly the terrorist are so-called Muslims, who would never harm another soul, especially not in this most sacred month of Ramadan which is about encouraging peace and humanity, not trying to crush it.

Saw this after I chose to use daisies in this post. Let's fill the world with love, not hate.
It's not nice glimpsing into the anti-Muslim hatred on social media either, which I accidentally saw then looked a little further, but only a little as it's fairly horrific. I don't go out much due to my health, and I've never had an issue wearing a headscarf, but I feel for those who are wrongly hounded and harassed for showing their faith in public.

It's like when I was little and all the terror issues were to do with the IRA (in Northern Ireland) - it didn't mean that Christians were all terrorists, it was just a handful, yet I was vaguely aware at the time that certain groups of people were persecuted because they happened to share the same religion as the IRA. The religion may have changed, but the principle hasn't: the majority of Muslims are lovely people, some of who almost definitely would have treated the wounded in Manchester, London, and all around the world. Please help spread love for everyone, no matter who we are we are all human, we all bleed red blood (barring any medical anomalies), we all need food, water, shelter and love to survive in these crazy times. I'm stepping off my soap box now, but I hope I've given you something to think about and act on.
Found this image online, feel it's appropriate because I frequently draw stick girls when I sign my cards to friends, even though I didn't draw it. Original source here.

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