Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #110 Chaotic Long Weekend!

A calming picture of a pair of zebra finches (similar to one of my birds)
I'm here! Been a crazy few days Friday I was too tired to post - visited a friend in the morning, came home and promptly napped for 2 hours. Me needing naps is a sign I need to rest so I did just that. While I'd meant to post Saturday, I'd forgotten that I'm trying to keep Saturdays as the one day where I do no blog work, no crochet, no review book reading - it's my 'day off'. I started this post Sunday but was doing it in between other blog bits so had to stop without posting it when my online time was up. I hate sticking to a schedule but otherwise I don't fit in enough rest. 

Nothing like the cat in question but a cute one all the same.
Monday I'd had 3 hours sleep due to a stray cat incident which is ongoing. I promise to do a full post once it concludes. I'm find it hard emotionally and am praying for a happy ending, so well wishes and thoughts most welcome! 

My latest craft news will be up in tomorrow's post.

Such a cute themed bed! I'm guessing the larger bow is a cushion...if not I wouldn't want it attached to the duvet.
While I slept better last night (no 1.30am wake up call) I'm more tired than I was yesterday. So after a very quiet morning I'm finally managing some blog work between household tasks. Go me! 

I wish this cute pencil was mine! Adore the dainty flowers and ring/tiara. Very girly!
Due to life getting in the way of my book review work for Nayu's Reading Corner, I'm now doing review blog work every alternate day, so I can get some writing of my own novels in too. I was trying to catch up with review then write, but I'm missing it too much, life happens, and I want to write! Alternate days will do for now.

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