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Nayu's Recipes #5 Nayu's 3 P Soup

An ideal bowl of mint pea soup!
Due to blogging this morning (playing catch up with a few not entirely straight forward posts/emails), at the time of writing this post I haven't done any craft. That's not going to stop me from posting! I thought I'd share with you the Pea Pesto Soup I've made for lunch, which is super tasty, and adapted from this BBC Good Food recipe
The humble pea which comes from a pea pod is packed full of nutrients surprisingly including protein!
I adore peas. I adore mint pea soup, which I had a lot one year but it's expensive to buy, so I thought I may as well make some. I can't be doing with a recipe that requires cream (I don't have any on standby, and although I have some frozen I shall be freezing the leftover soup so definitely can't refreeze the cream), a recipe one  which takes ages to make as it will make me tired, and I can't even make one with mint in because I don't have any to hand. 
Wonderful pesto, sadly mine isn't made by hand
What I do have is an open jar of pesto! Pesto doesn't last forever, is super tasty, and in my view goes well with peas. 

This may already feature in your kitchen cupboard
Pea soup includes stock - I'm using a famous vegetarian stock cube from Oxo. 

That's pretty much it on the ingredient front, nice and simple. Now I'm off to make it! 
All whizzed up!

It's so tasty!!! It's 3 P soup because it has Peas, Pesto, and sweet Potato. 
You can leave the skin on this sweet potato! Mine was pre-cooked.

I wanted a bit more veg in it, so dug around in the freezer and grabbed a pre-portioned (by me) bag of veg. It had peas, sweet potato and a secret ingredient...

No tomato was used in the making of Nayu's 3 P Soup!
Mozzarella! A few chunks of this cheese made it extra delicious. We'll ignore the fact it's an 'M' food since Nayu's 3 Ps + 1 M Soup sounds more like a maths equation than food, and I'm not fond of maths, no offence to the subject.  

Time to give you the super easy recipe which you can adapt according to what veg you have, what flavours you want! 

Peas, 3 and a bit fists 

Sweet potato= 1 fist 

Mozzarella = 3 small chunks 

Stock cube = 1 

Shop bought pesto = a golf ball sized dollop 

Boiling water = just enough to cover the veg in the saucepan (I used a small pan. If you like soup thicker, use less.) 

How to cook 

Put vegetables and cheese in a saucepan. 

Add enough boiling water to cover the veg (see note in ingredients) 

Sprinkle in the stock cube. 

Put in the pesto. 

Stir well. 

Let the soup cook until hot (or however well cooked you like your veg). 

Pour into blender and blitz until at required consistency 

Please follow the instructions in  your blender - not all blenders can take hot liquid, in which case either wait until the soup is cool before blitzing it, or blitz it after it warms up a bit, then heat it up for eating after. I'm fortunate that my family has a Vitamax blender which creates silky smooth soups, but any blender will do the job. 

I'd love to hear what your favourite soup is, and if you try my recipe! Future soup flavours will include mushroom and butternut squash! (Not together)
My favourite cartoon cat likes to cook!

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