Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #83 Windows 10 & some fudge!

It's here!
I'd intended to do a craft post today involving - you know - craft, which it vaguely does, but mostly it's me praising Windows 10 update. In case you're wondering this isn't a sponsered post. But, since I use the internet to create my blog posts, and thus I'm now in Windows 10, it is related to my crochet! 
This is a genuine offer!
For a few weeks I've had the opportunity to install Windows 10 for free, because Microsoft are feeling generous. I kept declining because I didn't have enough time to download it, but after finishing other blog bits this morning, I decided I'd download it while I vaguely had the time. 
In my search for Windows 10 pictures I iscovered Japan actually has mascots for Windows - here's version #10! Other versions will be in a post soon over on Nayu's Reading Corner which is more anime orientated than this one. Didn't quite think you'd want 10+ anime pictures! .

4-5 hours later I'm logging on Windows 10. Yes it really took this time to download, upload, and do whatever it needed to do. I was slightly worried when the set up screen gave the following message (roughly) 

this is taking longer than usual, but not to worry it will be finished soon. 

Considering this is on a blue background with a black bar at the top, I was thinking 

An amusing version of the dreaded blue screen
Thankfully it wasn't, and hey presto it worked. With just a few more minutes of waiting as it set up my account, I dived into Windows 10. No more silly screens that appear from nowhere! 

As much as I love my tablet (not Windows) and the style of touch screen layout, I didn't think it worked as well on a non touch screen laptop, and since I don't use apps on my laptop it was just an annoying extra screen.
It's like the old windows, with everything found on the taskbar. Happy me! 
Sort of like mine, except I always have the task bar across the top (have done for years, just easier), and naturally a cute anime background rather than plants)
You do have to be patient when uploading it. It might be 3-4 hours, but I made some fudge (yummy) so 5 hours was when I sat down to deal with it. I had to wait a few more minutes for it to sync up my emails. I prefer Windows 10 because if an email is flagged, the email itself is in orange! This makes it so much easier to spot rather than trying to figure out whether a flag is black or clear. 

I was a bit worried that my computer would forget all my logins for social media and other sites (I only realised this as the new Windows 10 Firefox browser loaded for the first time). Thankfully this isn't the case, which is a relief.
They are perfect together! It may be a marketing slogan, but I do love Firefox!

So far the only downside that I discovered is the window sizing (using the touchpad to make contents in a window bigger or smaller) seems a bit sensitive, but that's just me needing to be careful when I put my thumb. 

Overall I'm loving the new icons for everything, and feel happy enough unlike when Windows 8 appeared and I had no clue what I was doing for a little bit. Windows 10 may be less than a day old with me, but already it feels like I've used it for weeks! 

Hopefully today's fudge will look like this photo from a previous batch once it's set.
Today's crafting was secret present. I then baked yummy fudge, and only remembered after I made it that I shouldn't bake on a day I have other chores (laundry, lots of dishes, etc) as it makes me more tired, so I'm not writing tonight. It'll be anime and reading, as I need the R&R! Fear not, crochet will soon be back in my posts! It's just with secret presents needing to be made, and my writing having priority, crochet has had to take a bit of a backseat. However I missing it lots so going to change that ^o^
Time to bring out my crochet basket!

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