Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #15 My weekly experimental time!

Time to experiment!
On the day I'm pre-scheduling this post the sun is being chased by some clouds, but the sunshine streaming through the window is lifting up my spirits. Remember how I recently explained how Wednesdays is my sewing day? Well, the last few craft sessions I've spent a fair amount of time playing with yarn and doing a few experiments. I can't share any with you yet as they haven't developed into anything substantial, but it's led me to carve out some experimental craft time each week. 
What will I do with this?
The reason I'm setting aside time is because I can easily see all my time going to playing with ideas while I get distracted instead of focusing on making crochet blankets which I both need and want to make. By having a set time I won't restrict my ideas whenever they strike - I'll simply jot them down and explore them in my allocated time. I confess to not quite having figured out when that is - it will be at the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday depending how busy I am on each day. So let's say my experimental time will be at the weekend! 

I don't expect to show you anything for a while - I am still experimenting, and my creative self is mulling over ideas trying to work out what they could be. Before setting up Nayu's Crochet Dreams I never thought I could actually make up my own pattern and create something with crochet. I stuck with the reliable granny square. Well, I have made up my own borders, which I'll post about another time, so it makes sense I'll start to experiment with granny square shapes. I often don't have the head space to count and focus, which is why making things up is so fun! That I don't have to worry about copyright. It might be a while before you see the results of my experiments, but rest assured you will see them in due course!
Playing with yarn is so much fun! This chibi is knitting rathr than crocheting. Bye for now!

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