Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Nayu's Product Review #5 Limited Edition Morrisons Orange Donuts

This is the cutest halloween themed image I could find - hate it, but love Hello Kitty and actually love bats so her cute belt appeals to me!
Donuts can be doughnuts but somehow donuts looks better to me! I really hate halloween - I find it too scary, and belief wise I believe in supernatural things but they are best left alone and may God protect us from them all. It's frustrating because the celebrations even reach games that I play - you'd think that Disney would make super cute halloween decorations in The Magic Castle games for the 3DS (Japanese version) but no, they are scary and the worse thing it started in September and possibly won't end until the christmas season starts! Sigh. 
Not my pics, but this is what it looks like - scary!
The only good thing about it is that the game Love Live School Idol Festival which has a tendency to dominate my Twitter feed has lots of bonus log-ins because of Halloween. 
I got some of the bonuses, not all, sadly. These were on both the JP & WW server.

Wait, I almost forgot the main reason why I'm writing this post - the food! The other great thing about halloween is that there are some time limited food. Most of the treats I don't like because they look scary, but while at work the other day one of my family saw people eating Morrisons halloween donuts. 
Had not idea this supermarket has been going over 100 years!

It was a bit of a case of me misinterpretating what was said because I thought they were in the shape of a pumpkin and tasted of orange but may have pumpkin in too (I really like pumpkin! I totally live on the wrong continent for pumpkin flavoured food at this time of year (*waves at America*)). 
I Googled the donuts, didn't get a lot of info easily so I turned to Twitter, where the lovely Kirsty contacted the manager (or deputy manager) of my local store, and answered all my questions. There's nothing pumpkin-y about these donuts as you can see! 

Anyway, I was going to go out today and get some, but my family got me some instead, saving me a trip. They are super yummy! 

For Twitter purposes I took a picture of the donuts (slightly squashed from cutting it in half) to show the orange centre which reminds me a little of the Little Chef Restaurant lollies from my childhood which still exist as I discovered this year. It isn't too sickly or sweet for me, it makes a nice change from other jams, and I'm looking forward to what gets brought out next year! I highly recommend them except today will probably be the last day they are available. So go get yours fast! 

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