Monday, 23 January 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #204 Tablet chucked down stairs

My Aikatsu sticker decorated tablet with a miffed Belle beside it.
I'd like to say that I flung my fruit themed tablet down the stairs because I hate that brand of technology, but that was not the case. I use it only because it has Love Life School Idol Festival game which I'm addicted to and can't get on my android tablet due to age and lack of space. I simply had a clumsy moment as I went down the stairs, and down went the ipad. 
You won't throw me down will you? (No, and this is not my cat or staircase)
I wasn't all that surprised to see it intact and working because my android tablet has suffered similar abuse and survived. The key points are 

a) to give your tablet a protective cover (see top photo, cat optional)

b) try not to be clumsy!
And for extra cuteness here's a picture of a staircase in a Hello Kitty restaurant (possibly in Hong Kong/Singapore/Shanghai/somewhere in Asia)
That pretty much covers it (pun actually not intended but made me laugh). We are still in the grips of super cold weather so I'm as productive as my sleeping cat until it gets a few degrees warmer. I can be found reading and gaming - latest gaming exploits in Animal Crossing New Leaf over on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner. Craft & writing require more brain work than I have available.
As mentioned on social media recently I feel like a snow bunny trying to hide from all the cold!

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