Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #261 My cat hates the music I love!

I listen to both audiobooks and music, the latter being the topic of this post.
While I have zero knowledge of current music (both type, the most popular singers/bands, etc), I'm very familiar with Winx Club music (soundtrack of the series), with a preference for the French version since I generally watch it in French not English. 
Best CD ever!!!!

However, my main music comes from Youtube, because that's where I listen to Vocaloid music. Which my cat doesn't like. 
Her back is what I saw leaving my room!
For ages I always wore headphones because she can be fussy with noise. Over the past few months I'd been training her to get used to noise, or so I thought. Yesterday I was listening to my favourite Vocaloid Hatsune Miku on Youtube. 
Love that I can both play Miku games and listen to her online!
Belle's ears were back a little while she supposedly slept, but it got to the point where she got up and went away. I'm convinced it's because of Miku! I will now listen on headphones as I love having her curled up beside me...
..like this!
Does your pet like what you listen to? I know my birds, Tomoya & Hibiki chatter away to whatever I put on, so they at least seem to like Miku. Vocaloids aren't universally loved though, unfortunately, as Belle demonstrated. Didn't stop me playing Miku songs on the playstation this morning - PS4 has headphone slot in controllers reducing amount of wires needed. Bit busy tomorrow and got a friend over all day Thursday so having quiet time gaming/anime watching between those activities. 

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