Saturday, 16 May 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #29 Having a rest

My current work in progress has grown to 3 rows since this picture was taken on Friday night
I'm sorry for not posting anything this week, work has been rather busy, I ended up needing extra rest, then had a brush with a migraine Thursday afternoon. I could have done with staying home on Friday but I went to work, which might be why I'm rather worn out today. So the post I'd planned to put up will have to wait! Nearly 5 weeks until I finish work, and then I'll be focusing on crochet and writing! Until then it might be a bit hit and miss, but hopefully having a quiet weekend will set me back on track. There are several cold germs going around at work so doing my utmost to avoid them. I am getting a lot of crochet in! Since when I'm tired I like zoning out with audiobooks and crochet.
Naturally my cat joins me a lot!

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