Monday, 21 November 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #33 Pink Coasters!

I love the colour pink, not just because it's considered girly, (it can be for boys too), but it's just cute. There's fun bright pink, which I often see in anime as hair. 
Such as in Madoka from my favourite anime Aikatsu (she's in season 3 onwards)
There's sweet and fluffy looking pale pink, which I find soothing to look at. 
It can literally be fluffy like this frosted cupcake (sadly not made by me or even for me) Picture source
Then there's the pink in these cute coasters which I made this week!
It hasn't been a good few days of weather - my body really objects to the cold and wet, hence why no posts for a few days. But these pink coasters were quick to make and really cheered me up. I've wanted to make some coasters for a while for my Etsy store, but I didn't want to make them as squares (which look too ordinary). I tried a few patterns, a hexagon, and granny square (type of crochet not a square shape) pentagon, but it didn't quite look right. So I took what I knew for granny squares (the actual squares this time!) crochet, applied it to the pentagon and it worked! I hope to make many more coasters for my shop, so stay tuned to see what I make next! 
This seemed very appropriate for today's post! Let me know if you love pink too!

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