Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #89 Away & Not Idle

Hi all! Feels like forever since my post. I'd expected to have 1-2 days of not blogging since I had my uber strong prescribed pain medicine ketamine on Saturday, which puts me out of commission. It used to make me super hyper, but now it makes me super sleepy. I'd expected to be blogging from yesterday, but I was feel fairly rough so stayed offline minus a few social media updates done comfortably on my laptop. As you can see although I was away from the blog I haven't been idle. I created a larger than normal dishcloth for a family member. I may add this size to current range of dishcloths (a few can be found on Etsy), but for now I'll stick with the usual 2 per ball ^o^ 
I had to balance the button to take the picture! (I didn't have the smaller needle for sewing with thread rather than yarn with me when I made it)
I've been getting on with baby booties! These two are the same pattern, just in very different sizes. The smaller of the two is made using smaller than the recommended size of knitting needles. 

This has a darker yellow rim around it.
The larger is made using the suggested needle size. I'm going to measure them up, check out a baby booties sizing chart like the one below and figure out what sizes I've created.
A handy measuring tool. Picture source.

This is the first pattern I haven't had a major issue with, which in itself is cause for celebration. I intend to make some plain ones, some with contrasting colours, some with buttons, some without, some with cross stitch on. It's an easy and fairly quick pattern for me to start my collection with! 

That's what I've been up to - hopefully more craft will happen later on today, but since I'm still recovering I can't say how much will get done. After my lunch time rest involving anime I intend to have an editing session on my children's fairy novel then do craft and read.
^o^ This says it all!

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