Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Nayu's Project Progress #11 Baby Boots Power!

New super tiny toes need to be kept warm, which makes my baby booties perfect! Picture source.
After various bits and pieces yesterday I finally got to knit! Cue happy Nayu.  I'd planned to at the weekend, but unexpectedly had laundry to do so that didn't happen. I don't wash by hand, but hanging laundry to dry on an airer is a work out for my weak arms, which kind of means I can't do anything else for a while. Then I was ill at the weekend: generalised bleh-ness all day Sat led to a day of anime watching. Sun I was fighting off a migraine, which thankfully didn't materialise - yay! 
The redone bootie!
I had to restart the baby bootie as some stitches had come undone and I had no clue where I was (the notebook which was in that particular craft bag has poofed into thin air). I'm close to finishing it, which is nice. This is for a newborn to 3 months size, and hopefully will become a regular item for my Etsy shop. I'm hoping to do some more tonight or even later this afternoon. 

This morning I got busy in the kitchen baking cookies! Pics are up on my Twitter account, and full details will be up in tomorrow's post. I was going to do it today, but I'm so excited to have done some craft I can show you (unlike my secret craft projects which are, well, secret for a few more months) that I simply had to delay the chocolate chip goodness which was today's baking. I did lots of quality control testing of the mixture before and after baking too! 
I know this isn't baking related, but as I was looking for baby item photos and spotted it and think it's absolutely adorable! Picture source.
After recovering from baking with some anime I'm now doing bloggy bits, hopefully going to get some writing in too (just 30 more pages to edit on my children's novel), although since a) woke early b) baked which consumes an insane amount of energy I don't know just how much brain power I've got. Thankfully I don't really need it to do my craft! 
Proud to be a knitting and crochet nerd!

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