Thursday, 8 October 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #77 Nutella cake is finished! + thank you!!

1 frosted cake... plain not frosted cake...

...and another frosted cake!
As promised in the post which explained about my adapted Nutella cake, here are the finished pictures of the iced and not iced Nutella cakes. I've no idea of the quantities but I created my own frosting with butter, icing sugar (I'm in England so it may be called something different if you live in another country), and some milk. I put it a chunk of butter, add a fair amount of icing sugar until it's at a consistency I like, then add milk to make it easier to spread on. Simple! 

The support from you is something I've received, rather than asking for support. I realise what I'm about to say doesn't sound like much, but I'm still starting out, have low numbers of likes on my Facebook page and my Etsy shop itself, which I why I got excited to receive some email saying one of you likes said Facebook page and another is following my shop on Etsy! 

At the beginning, it really is the small things which count. Thank you for believing in me, hopefully over time as my range grows (working on that when I can), so too will more of you show your support visibly online. 

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