Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Nayu's Project Progress #5 Tree building and squares

Cherry blossom/Sakura tree in bloom
Morning all! Apologies for lack of post yesterday - I was feeling flakey, so thought it best to rest up and only blog when I felt more normal (normal is relative!). I read a lot, and since this is a project progress report I managed some crochet yesterday. 
I like to say I'm tree building because I'm creating lots of flowers for the border of a blanket - this flowers could easily be the blossom on a tree. Currently I'm not sure precisely how many I need - I'm simply making a load and then seeing how they will look. I'll make more than I'll use simply because there will be a few which aren't quite right for whatever reason. 

This morning I was up early reading (I'm a bookaholic, as is shown on my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner), then I caught up with the few TV shows I watch and yes, I got some crochet in! 
I hope to make more squares later, work on building my tree as well as getting in a fingerless glove or two. It's all go here! Tomorrow I'm hoping to upload some new items for the NCD shop, so stay tuned!

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