Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #35 Changes plans = good! & new item for sale!

This is kind of how I feel - my changes aren't better, they are just different to what I've been doing

Changed plans = good!
This week I've been doing a lot of thinking, what with 1st July coming up in just a few weeks which means not long til I can focus each and every day (with some days off) purely on my crochet & writing. The minor problem I've come across is that despite wanting to make anime specific crochet blankets, using colours of outfits/hair and symbols in the show, I'm realising that the blankets I'm currently making aren't anime related. 

That isn't a bad thing - I love each and every blanket I make regardless where the idea for the colour combination came from. So for the meanwhile I won't have specific anime blankets, some blankets will simply be inspired by colour combinations from anime, if that makes sense. Item titles in my shop will reflect this, and in time I'll tweak blog posts which are already up on here. 

New item for sale! 
So the second part of the title isn't strictly true since I don't have the new item up for sale yet, but I can tell you what it is. For a while I've been thinking of having smaller, lower priced items in my shop. While there are lots of things I could do - hair accessories, home accessories, none of the ideas I've already seen online felt like they completely suited me. That's not to say I won't try hair accessories in the future, as they look fun. I'm going to focus on fingerless gloves! 
These are well worn ^o^
I'm hoping I can start selling them in July, as I need to figure out how to make larger sizes, and how to measure the current size I use for me. Saying 'Nayu size' won't be helpful! They will primarily be for girls & women, since that's the colour range I opt for, but anyone can wear them if they like them. I hope to add some cute charms from the books I've bought to jazz them up. 

That's it for today - I'm off to crochet! Bye for now.

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