Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #33 Sources of my inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere
Hi all! Since I'm having coffee with a friend this morning I'm not able to post up a picture of my latest projects as part of a post since I won't be going online until sometime this afternoon. Instead I'd like to introduce where what I call cute 'charms'/borders are taken from - crochet books! I mentioned them in passing in this post, but now I can show pretty pictures to you! 

I've already blogged about 500 Crochet Blocks by Hannah Elgie and Kath Webber, since I've learnt how to create cute flowers which I'll be making lots for my current vase coasters projects. 
Here's what the inside looks like - lovely colour photos of the item and then the flower itself.
My first attempt! I'll be using the flower but not the square for my current project.

Flowers certainly are something I want to make more of, especially since I bought Cute and Easy Crochet With Flowers by Nicki Trench. 
There's a bag made entirely from flowers in here! I do have a few ideas zipping around my head, which I'll keep mulling over to see what flower power crochet work I can come up with. 

As some of you know I'm an anime fan, which extends to anything kawaii aka cute & Japanese. It's hardly a surprise I was drawn to this trio of books: they are by a Japanese designer, but since the English editions were ridiculously expensive I went for the French ones, since I can understand French. I will need to use a dictionary to translate the technical terms, but it will be more than worth it - don't they look cute? 
100 borders and something - cute things is my translation! The rainbows and clouds border is perfect for the novel I'm currently writing with both rainbow and cloud magic.

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! Who doesn't love hearts? Some of the designs are deconstructed hearts, which are still cute ^o^

Aren't the bows adorable? I'm thinking of putting them on baby blankets.
There are rainbows, flowers, cakes, sweets, coffee cups, keys and ever so much more! I do need to get a bit more experienced at reading a picture crochet pattern, which is necessary for each design but my creative self is bouncing off the walls. I'm looking forward to sharing all my attempts with you, the successful ones of course will go for sale on my Nayu's Crochet Dreams Etsy store. Whenever I need a pick me up I simply open one of these books and it's not long before I'm content again! Do let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see in my blankets, at the moment I'm saying yes to requests!

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