Thursday, 28 May 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #32 1st sale and yarn galore!

This week I'm awaiting yarn for my first sale on my Etsy store. Before you look too puzzled, I'll explain why I need more yarn for the blanket Autumn Leaf Dreams which has now disappeared off my Etsy site. A family member spotted it and loved it, but would like it to fit a 4 foot bed, so I'm making another square the same size then crocheting around the two squares so I have a suitable sized oblong blanket. I promise to show you the finished results! I know it's family but I'm super exited as they are the person who wants a commissioned blanket. They want one like Pumpkin Patch Dreams which is still available on Etsy.
Pumpkin Patch Dreams blanket folded in quarters
Once July comes around I may consider offering pick your own colour for that style of blanket which is easy to make, and maybe even do custom sizes.Watch this space!

Yesterday I sorted through what yarn I have, as my yarn stash is spread about my room. I'm not showing all the photos but here are a couple so you can see what might be coming to my store soon.
This cotton yarn is destined for a cute blanket!

I have more baby yarn than I thought Which is nice, since I want to do some more blankets for that collection. I will consider using some of the cotton range I have, the yarn which is super soft and perfect for those new to this world.

As you can see it's all go for me. I haven't done much crochet this week yet - been on a reading mission while I recovered from germs. After a few usual chores I plan on an evening full of crochet and audiobooks! Plus some anime too ^o^
As much as prefer putting yarn on the floor when I crochet, my cat would attack it too much!

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