Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #24 Nayu Branches Out

Big Idea hint: this could be coming to a coffee shop near you!
A Big Idea 
I know some of my hyperness is due to a bit of chocolate cake and chocolate cheesecake which I've recently nommed on, but the rest is due to A Big Idea I had this morning. I'd had the idea probably a month or so ago, and thanks to a part in a book I'm reading about where the character decides to do a decorating course and help others with their home improvements The Big Idea grew Bigger! 

In the name of research
Before I spill the beans (or as I originally wrote bins), one of many things I'm looking forward to in July when I go self-employed is having a bit more time and concentration to learn some new crochet skills. In the name of research I've ordered a couple of books, mostly with designs for cute things so I can embellish (fancy word alert!) my blankets and make them even more gorgeous. 

Although I only bought a couple of books, not looks which seem to be here, I feel as happy as if I bought an entire library ^o^

Slightly off track
 After some research it turns out that it's not illegal to use some or all of a pattern in a piece that I sell, since it's the pattern itself rather than the finished product which is copywritten. Which is good news for me because I did envisage spending months/years figuring out how to make flowers/leaves/bow in crochet form. Yay! 

Back to The Bigger Idea
"Keep your eyes on me rather than the yarn and I'll show you to turn a corner."
 I've still got to let it simmer and work out all the fine details, but, hopefully before the end of this year, I'll be offering one-to-one crochet lessons to some of you in my local area! 

Each 3 hour session will include learning all the steps needed to make a granny square blanket including putting it together, and will include a starter crochet kit compiled by myself in yarn colours of the client's choice including: 

crochet hook
appropriate scissors
yarn needle
enough yarn to make a lap blanket in colours chosen by you
a hints & tips sheet
a cute bag to keep all this in 
While it is possible to learn to crochet from online - I've found a variety of free classes which will help me hone my skills, there is something about having someone else teach you in person, to encourage you when your first granny square doesn't necessarily look like a square, to help you practice over and over until the stitches click in your head and off your hook. There would be the ability to contact me any time if you needed to go over a step, and perhaps a shorter top up session for further queries.
The support will continue after the lesson
I've taught a few people how to crochet already and I love doing it. In the future I'd look into the possibility of teaching through skype so more of you have access to this fun opportunity, but for now it would be in a coffee shop of my local town. I'd offer to do it at my home, but public places are safer for me and for you. What could be more fun than learning a craft which will stay with you for life (if you practice) from me over your favourite tea/coffee/juice and come away with all you need to start making your own blankets and other items! 

Expect more updates towards August/September on this venture for Nayu's Crochet Dreams, where I want to help you make your own dreams!
I'm not a penguin (& it won't be knitting), but I'll be there to hep you take your first steps in the wonderful world of crochet!

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