Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #23 Competition Update #2

I'm working on my entry!
You are possibly wondering why I've got yet another competition update so soon after the previous one. Well, I wasn't happy with my 2nd attempt. I know I've used cream yarn before to create what I call spacer rows, rows that separate other colours, so that's what I used in my entry. The problem was it didn't look quite right. When something becomes a niggle I'm not satisfied until I resolve the issue.

For a while I simple kept on adding new rows, but it got to the point where I wasn't keen on the blanket. I decided the cream was too yellow, other creams have been subtle, so I've stopped work and started what I hope is my 3rd & final piece for the competition. I've taken a picture so you can see the abandonned project, and my current one which won't have any spacer rows.
Current piece is on the right. The cream doesn't look as yellow here as it does in natural light in the first piece.
I will make the discarded attempt a little bigger and give it to my cat to use on her bed. It's not something I feel I can sell, as I believe in only selling items I'm happy with. If I'm not happy with it, I certainly don't expect other people to be happy, and I want to make my customers happy!

Although the competition piece by nature is taking most of my attention, I am working on dishcloths so that you'll have new items to buy on my Etsy store - they are quick & easy to make, highly satisfying in feeling I've achieved something when my competition blanket takes time to be completed. I'm leaning more towards keeping it for myself - don't worry, I fully expect to create another (with spacer rows in white) which will go up for sale. I plan on making colourful blankets with spacer rows a staple item for you here on Nayu's Crochet Dreams!

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